Hi there, I’m a risk manager by profession, but in my free time, I enjoy playing board games with my friends and coding to sharpen my mind and learn new stuff. I share a house with two pals which I know from school, and after getting my master’s degree, we got together to rent a house and share the burdens of young professionals.

I blog to get the ideas in my head onto (virtual) paper and therefore not forget them. Often I have ideas floating in my mind which are fresh but quickly forgotten due to not acting on them or writing them down. Blogging also helps me to organize and gather my thoughts into something practical, as I explore new areas which I would otherwise not visit because these ideas are not directly useful. In a blog, one can explain and build interesting stuff which is entertaining to the reader but has almost to none practical value besides entertainment.

My primary goal is to explore the world of board gaming with the use of programming and show some new inherent knowledge, laid bare by the statistics and strategies.